Shine on the Gridiron

We build big, strong, explosive football players that become team leaders and make big plays.

Football is unique. Unlike other sports, you can't play football for the rest of your life. In fact, less than one in ten players ever play a down of football after high school.

When it comes to football, there is no tomorrow. You only get one shot.

The window to play football is narrow. You can't wait to get stronger, add slabs of lean muscle mass, or become more explosive. If you want to be the best football player you can be -- the biggest, strongest, fastest version of yourself -- you need to put the work in during the offseason. If you want to be a starter, team leader, or captain, you need to outwork everyone else.

Don't just be another kid in a jersey.

Be the one walking into camp in top shape, ready to lead your team.

Strength Camp:

Football Academy

Our program is for athletes who want to be the best football players they can be.

There is no expectation that individuals cease playing all other sports -- we very much encourage athletes to play a variety of sports -- but this is a program for those who have chosen to make football their main focus.

We combine football-specific strength, conditioning, and agility drills to build big, strong, explosive football players.

With the Football Academy, you'll enter your season two steps ahead of everyone else and be in the best possible position to succeed on the field.

Make More Plays

Football is a game of inches. If you can get off the ball an eighth of a second faster than your opponent, you'll make more plays.

Win the jump ball battles, dominate in the trenches, and explode off the ball.

Build a Suit of Armour

Football is violent. Not only does adding slabs of muscle mass provide confidence, but it also acts as a suit of armour on game day.

Step on the field with the confidence of a gladiator ready for battle.

Become Bulletproof

Bigger, stronger football players don't get hurt as often. They stay on the field and keep their starting job.

Make yourself bulletproof by becoming a bigger, stronger, more mobile athlete.

Our System

We build big, strong, explosive football players by combining football-specific strength, conditioning, and agility drills into one seamless program.

Coach Riley has studied under some of the most experienced and sought-after U.S. college and high school strength and conditioning coaches and has worked with countless athletes who have gone on to earn scholarships and play past high school in a variety of sports across North America.

Our program does not beat players down with intense, vomit-inducing workouts, but builds them up while keeping them fresh for their other off-season sports and activities. Athletes should expect to see gains with little pain, soreness, or stiffness post-workout. Going from the Football Academy to a basketball or hockey game is fine.


Strength Camp: Football Academy runs out of the Conviction Fitness gym, located at 8014 Knox Place in Westhill.

We have been building big, strong, explosive athletes out of this gym since 2015.

Upcoming Sessions

13+ Summer Session Details
July 3rd - August 9th
Mondays 2:30 pm - 4:00 pm
Wednesdays 2:30 pm - 4:00 pm
Fridays 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Ages 13+

Workouts consist of 45:00 on-field speed and agility work followed by 45:00 of strength and hypertrophy training.

We understand this is a large commitment and we expect kids to have to miss the odd week or workout due to summer vacations. This is why we have discounted registration significantly.

      U13 Summer Sessions

      We have two options for our U13 program -- a Tuesday group and a Thursday group. Both groups will train from 3:45 - 4:30 pm.

      *Sign up for both groups and save 10% off registration.*

          U13 Summer Session Group 1 Details
          July 2nd - 30th
          3:45 - 4:30 pm
          Ages 13 and under

              U13 Summer Session Group 2 Details
              July 4th- August 1st
              3:45 - 4:30 pm
              Ages 13 and under

                  Spots are extremely limited. Sign up today.


                  What ages is the Football Academy for?
                  Our academy is open to male and female football players ages 10 - 17.

                  What equipment is required?
                  No equipment is required for the Football Academy. We build strength, size, speed, agility, and skill in the gym. We do not do any on-field contact drills or scrimmaging.

                  Is there any hitting or contact drills?
                  No. Everything in the Football Academy is non-contact.

                  Is the Football Academy only for tackle football players?
                  The Football Academy is open to youth involved in tackle, flag, and/or touch football.

                  What positions is this for?
                  The Football Academy is for all football players, regardless of position. But that's not to say everyone will follow the same program. We alter our programming to help each individual player get the most from the academy.

                  Is it safe for kids to lift weights?
                  Absolutely. I would argue it is incredibly more dangerous for a child to step on the football field having never lifted weights. Lifting weights -- when coached and supervised by a professional -- is one of the safest forms of exercise available to children. In his book Starting Strength, author Mark Rippetoe shows that injury rates are exponentially higher in sports like soccer, basketball, football, and even badminton than they are in weightlifting.

                  What if my child has a basketball (or hockey, or baseball, or volleyball, or...) game the same day as their Football Academy workout?
                  Generally speaking, athletes in the academy will not be overly sore or beat up. There will be a bit of a break-in period (especially if the player has not lifted weights in a while) where some soreness will be expected. However, after a couple of weeks of the program, the soreness should disappear. Participating in a Football Academy session should not negatively affect other sports, even if they occur on the same day. We've have athletes regularly come in for a workout before playoff games and tournaments.

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